Day 1

The first general assembly has commenced!

The 2019 session of the Colorado Boys’ State program began at 8:00 AM. Registration ran on until noon, but most delegates arrived at a reasonable hour and were given the opportunity to explore their room and meet their roommates, who they will be staying with for the next six days. Following the closing of the registration window was an unexpected hike over a steep hill to the Roaring Forks Dining Hall, located at the western edge of the UCCS campus. Following their hour long break, the boys walked to UCCS’ Berger Hall. Here, the 2019 session was thrown into full force as the students learned about the life-changing experiences they were going to undergo, and were introduced to their session’s staff, advisors, and counselors. In the same sitting, they took their Bar and Parliamentary Procedure exams- using the full hour to perfect their responses. Before dinner, the boys held their first city meeting and were introduced to their fellow Boys’ State citizens. However, due to inclement weather after Saturday’s dinner period, the first flag ceremony on the West Lawn was cancelled. This led to the boys’ first city caucus, where they nominated fellow citizens for elected positions within their cities. Then the first county caucuses took place, leading into a night of humorous speeches and fun votes as the night’s nominees left Columbine and Breckenridge halls with their heads held high. Saturday’s nightly city meeting consisted of recounting humorous speeches and city debates. The boys then went to sleep in preparation for the next days excursions.

Five out of the nine cities of Colorado Boys’ State!