Day 2

The citizens of Hansen discuss a plan for their city.

Sunday, June 2 began bright and early for the citizens of Colorado Boy’s State’s 2019 session. After a hearty breakfast and a beautiful walk in the glow of UCCS’ early morning sun, the first official flag ceremony commenced on the West Lawn. Having extra time to practice and perfect their marches, the color guard did a spectacular job of transporting their assigned flags. After the posting of colors, Sunday morning’s general assembly gave the boys everything that they would need to create their own legislative bills, which were to be evaluated by the newly elected House Calendar Committee. After listening to speeches and campaigns, the boys voted for their favorite nominees and sent out their ballots. After Saturday’s Bar exam, those who were eligible to hold judicial positions (supreme court justice, lawyer, etc.) met to discuss their potential in the judicial field. After lunch, the afternoon’s general assembly gave the citizens the information they had been waiting for- -the election results. Those elected to positions like mayor and county commissioner took on their first task, appointing unemployed citizens to government positions. After everyone was given a job, the boys were given the opportunity to relax during their recreation time. The post-dinner flag ceremony was successful and led to the grand opening of both the city and county governments. Sunday concluded with the nightly city meeting where the boys discussed the weaknesses they had in the day and the strengths the had during the day– concluding the night on a positive note.

Kohler county officials discuss their government’s aspirations.