Day 2

On Sunday the 10th, Colorado Boys State members woke up in an unfamiliar place, in an unfamiliar bed, with unfamiliar roommates. The boys quickly wolfed down breakfast and attended their morning general assembly. After, participants competing for county positions battled one another for spots by delivering speeches to the citizens of their counties. All the while, the election commission met to finalize their ballots. Before lunch, the election commissioners revealed both the city and county results. Following lunch, all Boys State members congregated in Berger Hall for the second general assembly of the day to master parliamentary procedure. Subsequently, city and county leaders were appointed their peers to positions. At this point in the day, the boys ventured on to the first recreation time of the week: some slept, some practiced for the talent show later in the week, and the rest engaged in physical activities. Directly after, the boys embarked on their city and county journeys and began solving daily challenges. Finally, the boys hit the sack to cap off a long day’s work.