Day 3

The boys are open for business!

Monday, June 3 began, once again, bright and early. The boys made their way over to the Roaring Forks Dining Hall beginning as early as 6:30 A.M. There, they were able to fuel up on caffeine and nutritious breakfasts. After the daily morning flag ceremony, the boys headed to their designated rooms to begin their State Party Conventions. There, the nominated Boys’ State delegates for the positions of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, U.S. Senator, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, and Attorney General. This process is lengthy, but the boys were given a reprieve for lunch, where they marched back to the Dining Hall. After lunch, the days’ first general assembly commenced, and the boys received recognition for the hard work they put in to become nominees for state positions. During that same General Assembly, Tom Bock, former National Commander of The American Legion, was able to give the boys insight into what it is that the American Legion does for its members and the general American public. After the first daily general assembly, the city and county governments reopened for business. Here they discussed more problems that face their cities and counties. The second General Assembly addressed that night’s goal– to have the newly nominated delegates campaign in front of their peers. After a lengthy two hour recreation time, the boys went back to their designated city meeting areas to prepare for the nominees’ campaigns. The nominees from both parties stopped by every city of Colorado Boys’ State and many swayed citizens to their side. The night concluded with another nightly meeting, and the boys were off to bed.

The Color Guard bears the flags for the Flag Ceremony.