Day 4

Brayden Tacha waves the American Flag.

Tuesday, June 4th began with a spark in the air. The days upcoming general election was on everyone’s minds. No one could wait to see who would be elected to the highly coveted state positions. After breakfast and the daily flag ceremony, the boys made their way to Berger Hall to begin the days affairs. After campaign videos and candidate speeches, it was time to vote. Everyone was given the opportunity to vote, but they could only select one candidate per position. After the Election Commission had counted the ballots, the elected positions were announced and dreams came true. Starting at 10:30, the city and county governments were back in business– solving new problems that arose overnight. After the Governor appointed his cabinet and the boys had lunch, the state government was open for business. After working hard for three hours, the boys had dinner and recreation time– giving them a much needed break from the mental strain of the day. City and County government once again resumed business until ten, when the nightly meeting commenced. The boys went to bed to prepare for tomorrows adventure.

Nominees for state positions brainstorm ideas for their election campaigns.